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18 January 2020 03:46 AM

Dance USA Dance Season 2 kicked off

New York:  On January 31, 5678 Media Group and ZEE TV hosted members of the media and multi-cultural corporate representatives at the Dance USA Dance (DUD) press conference to announce the second season of the popular dance competition.

The event at the Marriott Marquis drew numerous media outlets and select guests who were received on red carpet. The competition’s four official international celebrities from the dance industry --  Matt Steffanina, Nakul Dev Mahajan, Lauren Gottlieb and Sarish Khan -- shared their life journeys while expressing their excitement on joining DUD Season 2 as judges.

“This type of content doesn’t come around very often, and we’re excited to help take it to the next level”, said Indrajit Majumdar, SVP at Zee TV Americas, the broadcast partner of Dance USA Dance. Zee TV is the biggest South Asian media platform in the world.

Matt Steffanina, a leader of Hip Hop, got off his seat to choreograph some moves to popular Bollywood music tracks. Nakul Dev Mahajan emphasized authenticity when introducing this new rich Bollywood culture to the US market, and the challenges he faced when he first introduced Bollywood music in Hollywood movies and TV shows. Lauren spoke about bridging the gap between the USA and India through this amazing platform.

Ashwani Kumar, Executive Producer at DUD and CEO of 5678 Media group, said, “Our hope is that everyone in attendance – and even those who are not – will come to understand the impact this platform has and will have on bringing about change in the world.”

Anjana Kumar, Chairperson and Executive producer, shared her vision to contribute to global peace and a united world through the platform as it expands to other countries.

Sunil Hali, Producer of the show, said, “We want to build a global platform where Bollywood meets dancing stars from various countries all over the world”.

Kunal Kumar, Supervising Producer, said, “Video auditions are accepted through February 15 with Bollyshake, an internet dance community platform, selecting which teams will move on to the regional rounds in 15 tour cities, including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Toronto and Dubai. Two teams from each city will get a chance to compete in the semi-finals this summer, in their quest to win the title of Dance USA Dance Season 2 Champion.

The 5678 Media Group is a full-service entertainment agency connecting brand to youth culture.

Update: 08 Feb, 2018