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19 October 2019 01:23 AM

Bobby Kumar becomes first Indian American to run for Lt Governor of New York State

By Parveen Chopra

Hicksville, NY: Doing the Indian American community proud, Bobby Kumar Kalotee is running for the post of Lt Governor of New York State in the November election. He is contesting under the banner of Sapient Party founded by him. His long-term friend, and leading New York attorney, Steve Cohn, is the party’s candidate for Governor.

Speaking to The South Asian Times in his office here plastered with his pictures with the who’s who of American politics, Bobby explained that to get on the November 4 election ballot in the state, his party garnered about 1,00,000 petitions – more than needed - from all over the state.  On the ballot, Sapient Party will be at No 8 spot and he requests New Yorkers to vote Row H.
Sapient Party (meaning Party of the Wise) is renamed from All American Political Party founded by  Bobby Kumar a few years ago.  Some salient points in the party’s platform are: Integrity in public affairs, term limits for elected officials, immigration reform, jobs for Americans, no foreign aid without US supervision,  quality education and affordable healthcare.

Not feeling hobbled by lack of name recognition or the money power of the likes of incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Bobby Kumar said it is a golden opportunity for his party. “With social media we will take our message to the maximum number of voters, and when that message resonates with them, they will cast their votes for us,” he said.

Sapient Party candidates for state Governor and Lt Governor were announced at the party's press conference and rally  held on September 8 in New York City at South Street Seaport aboard the ZEPHYR sponsored and supported by many celebrity athletes and the Jack Brewer Foundation. At the event, host Jack Brewer, a former NFL player for Giants, Vikings and Eagles, introduced his friend for the last 10 years, Bobby K Kalotee, and said, “I am here to support Bobby and Steve Cohn because they care for all the people irrespective of who they are or where they came from. I have worked with Bobby on many charitable missions to countries such as Haiti, El Salvador and Guatemala". 

Bobby Kumar thanked Jack, other celebrities, supporters and volunteers who worked hard for months to bring the Sapient Party to this success of being on the Ballot, and stated amid applause, “This is history in the making!”
Sapient Party has endorsed Thomas DiNapoli for Comptroller of the state and Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General, both incumbents, as well as many candidates for state senate.

Bobby Kumar is known among the Indian American community as an indefatigable worker and a leader who has risen from the ranks. In recent years, he has been doing laudable service as the International Chairman of Friends for Good Health by taking annual trips to many countries with a group of doctors to treat the underserved.

Update: 12 Sep, 2014