The South Asian Times

22 August 2019 11:55 AM

AIA to renovate flood affected high school in Kerala

New York: The Association of Indians in America (AIA) has undertaken a complete renovation of a higher secondary school in Kerala.

Established in 1967, AIA is well known for its social, cultural and educational activities.  AIA has been serving India by sending funds from time to time like during earthquake, floods, etc.

This the first time that the AIA  is doing a complete  renovation of a high school destroyed by floods in Kerala

This school was totally submerged and destroyed during the August 2018 floods.

Funds were raised in Oct. 2018 and again on May 5th 2019. The school was up to 4th grade but on request of villagers, AIA will sponsor the school to be a higher secondary school. This school will benefit several villages. It will be run by Vidya Bharati Shiksha Sansthan.

Vidhya Bharati teaches both education and sanskar to its students. These children learn yoga, meditation, martial arts etc. Most of the children from this school go for higher education and become professionals like IAS, engineers, and doctors. PM Narendra Modi has also praised the education at Vidya Bharati School.

The national president Urmilesh Arya said education is the best gift we can give to the children back home, and good patriotic citizens is the best gift to our motherland.

Update: 26 May, 2019