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19 December 2018 09:28 AM

Gurcharan Singh displays new works

Mumbai : After a gap of three years, Gurcharan Singh is back with a show titled Twilight Tales.

The senior artist is displaying a range of 40-45 canvases and paper works, all done in his signature contemporary and colourful style.

Singh's influences continue to be the same-families, communities, animals and situations from daily life-rendered in bright colours. He says, "These are all things that I remember from my childhood, which I relate to even now. It's not too different from what I have been doing in the past."

Animals too feature prominently in Singh's repertoire. "Yes, because they are very much a part of society," he reasons, adding, "People relate to them and have them as companions in loneliness, so that's a major concern."

Over the years, he's been known to stick to one style, bright colours and choice of subjects. Has he been experimenting too? "Not really. I love drawings and doing paper works using bright colours and crayons, so I do that while trying a different mediums and sizes," he says.

Singh's work could be best described as reality depicted with fantasy elements. In his words, "I just catch certain situations that I want to show in my paintings, the kind of details that people don't normally observe. There's an element of fantasy too, because a picture has its own demands, and you change a lot of things to make it appear the way you want. In my case, it's to look contemporary."

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