The South Asian Times

17 January 2019 17:19 PM

'Know your genes to live hale and hearty'

New Delhi : Knowing genes structure in the body can help in preventing several chronic and lifestyle diseases, claims a Kochi-based organisation which is launching the "first of its kind" genetic testing service in India.

To be launched in collaboration with an Australian company, Gene Care is a personalised health care and medical service that offers genetic testing for patients, thus providing an interface between chronic diseases, genes and lifestyle.

Launched by Wellness Solutions and Nutrition Care, the gene testing services are made available through hospitals and other primary care facilities around India.

"Saliva sample will be taken from people enrolling for the service and within four week time, a detailed gene analysis providing details of diseases they are prone to will be given," said A. Sreekumar, chairman and managing director, Wellness Solutions.

The test administered through medical practitioners allows healthcare and medical practitioners to utilise breakthroughs in genetic research and the latest technology by making informed steps towards improving patient outcomes with the use of specific lifestyle changes including appropriate exercise, diets and nutritional supplements, he said.

"It also enables the physicians and doctors to better understand and advise on the management of their patient's health," said Sreekumar.

The gene test will cost around Rs.50,000 and will be launched in metro cities later this month.

Update: 13 Jan, 2012