The South Asian Times

20 October 2018 17:43 PM

How to take care of your hair in winters

New Delhi : Here's how you should take care of your hair in winters.

1 Deep conditioning helps: One of the main problems with winter is that it can strip the hair of moisture. It's therefore vital to use hair care products which will replenish that moisture and a good hair conditioner is the best place thing to invest in.

2 Rinse with cold water: Rinsing with cold water after washing out hair care products is a good way to help lock in the moisture from your conditioner. It also gives added shine and boost to the hair.

3 Don't step out with wet hair: Going outside with wet hair in winter can lead to hair freezing and even breaking, so try to make sure that your hair is dry or at least covered before you leave the house.

4 Avoid direct heat: Any extreme temperature can lead to hair damage, so icy cold weather and central heating in winter can be a troublesome combination for hair, robbing moisture and increasing static. Try not to overuse any hot items like blow dryers or curling tongs on the hair in winter. They can strip the hair off essential moisturisers. So use them sparingly else your hair will have a hay stack like appearance. 5 Don't shampoo too often : During winter, both the weather and the central heating tends to dry your hair. During this time of the year, you must not shampoo too often. Try to give a break of at least one day between washes. This way the natural oils will be retained, thus preventing the hair from drying out excessively.

Update: 23 Dec, 2011