The South Asian Times

17 January 2019 16:55 PM

Virtual humans to transform global health care soon


London, May 8 Expensive experimental tests often prescribed by physicians may soon become things of the past as scientists have now come closer to creating an in silico replica of the human body that would enable the virtual testing of bespoke treatments.

The first phase of the technology behind the virtual physiological human (VPH) project was unveiled on Thursday by Insigneo Institute at University of Sheffield in Britain.
"The virtual physiological human will act as a software-based laboratory for experimentation and treatment that will save huge amounts of time and money and lead to vastly superior treatment outcomes," said Keith McCormack of Insigneo Institute at the university.
The VPH has the potential to enable collaborative investigation of the human body as a single complex system using integrated computer models of the mechanical, physical and biochemical functions of a living human body.
"What we are working on here will be vital to the future of healthcare," McCormack added.
A presentation on virtual, physiological and computational neuromuscular models for the predictive treatment of Parkinson's Disease was highlight of the event.

Update: 08 May, 2014