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17 January 2019 17:13 PM

TRS requests home ministry to create Telangana on May 16


New Delhi, May 7 The TRS Wednesday asked the central home ministry to bring forward the the date of creating the new state of Telangana from June 2 to May 16, the day results for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana assembly elections will be declared along with those of the Lok Sabha polls, as the party fears a "political vaccum" in the interim.

In its letter to the ministry, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) contended that the decision to create the new state of Telangana on June 2 was made on the basis of the fact that the Andhra assembly's five-year tenure ended that day. However, the assembly was dissolved by the president on April 28, thus leading to the expiry of the tenure of the assembly, it noted.

"Therefore, in view of the expiry of the tenure of the house as aforesaid, the fixing of the Appointed Day on June 2 has no basis and without any purpose," the TRS averred in its letter.

The letter further stated that since the results of the assembly elections in both states will be announced on May 16, the formation of the enw governments in both states will have to wait till June 2. "Thus, there is undesirable political vacuum for a period of more than two weeks," it said.

It adds that since properties have to be divided between the two states, "if the new popular government is formed, it would further facilitate" the process.

Update: 07 May, 2014