The South Asian Times

17 January 2019 17:06 PM

Why pregnant women need to stay cool

Washington : Moms-to-be, please note -- just stay cool, for a new study has found a link between increases in body temperature and the incidence of stillbirth and even shorter pregnancies.

An international team, led by the Queensland University of Technology, looked at the incidence of still and premature births in Brisbane over a four-year period from 2005, American Journal of Epidemiology reported.

Professor Adrian Barnett, who led the team, said a total of 101,870 births were recorded throughout the period and of these 653 were stillbirths.

"We found that increases in temperature increased the risk of stillbirth, and this was particularly true in the earlier stages of pregnancy before 28 weeks. Our estimated numbers were at 15°C there would be 353 stillbirths per 100,000 pregnancies, as compared with 610 stillbirths per 100,000 pregnancies at 23°C.

"Increased temperatures also shortened gestation times, which means more preterm babies who often have serious long-term health problems such as cerebral palsy and impaired vision and hearing," he said.

Update: 18 Dec, 2011