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16 December 2018 19:42 PM

Police disperse over 1,000 protesters in Istanbul

Istanbul, Feb 23 Turkish riot police Saturday evening dispersed more than 1,000 protesters in Istanbul against new internet censorship law.

The demonstrators took to the streets in Istanbul to protest against Turkish President Abdullah Gul's approval of the new law tightening internet censorship, Xinhua reported.

Backed up by armoured water cannon trucks, thousands of riot police were deployed around the Taksim Square.

As the crowd marched to the square, police responded with water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas, detaining some of the protesters.

Earlier in February, Turkey's parliament approved the legislation which allows the ruling Justice and Development Party to seek tighter control over the internet.

The bill drew criticism from international and domestic organisations. Some Turks expected President Gul to veto the bill due to the large number of opponents. However, Gul approved the bill Feb 18.

Update: 23 Feb, 2014


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