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17 January 2019 16:50 PM

Artist lands multi-million art contract

New Delhi : Biswajit Das has bagged a five year contract for a hundred paintings over the next five years.

The artist, who is an IIPM employee, will be painting for management guru Arindam Chaudhuri.

"Arindam sir has always encouraged me to paint. In fact I had given up painting when I came from Calcutta to Delhi. One day Arindam sir saw some of my old paintings in a folder in my computer. He immediately insisted I start painting. Thus began my second journey," said an elated Biswajit Das.

Biswajit's first exhibition in Delhi was a tribute to the late M.F. Hussain's work. This year he, along with another artist Camellia Suman, created a unique theme based on Durga Puja, in Delhi. His this effort again was highly venerated.

"Yes, my paintings have always been highly acclaimed. I am just thankful to my guru Shyamal Baran Saha and my brother-in-law Camellia Suman who have been an inspiration and my co exhibitionist each time."

How the deal came about "Even before my first exhibition, Arindam sir wanted me to sign up with his talent management company Planman Stars but somehow things didn't work out then. One fine day, he suddenly came up with this huge proposal which I obviously could not refuse."

Arindam Chaudhuri confirmed the deal in a written statement which said, "My mother and wife are great artists, though they have never exhibited their work. My father is an ardent art lover and since like childhood I have been regularly visiting art exhibitions with him. In fact, it was on this one condition that I would visit Louvre, my father had sent me to Paris for the first time. I personally love Renaissance paintings but I don't understand modern art much."

"But when I saw the colors and vibrancy of Biswajit's paintings, though modern art, I felt like promoting his talent and taking it a step ahead. Thus, it's a pleasure to commission his paintings.

I plan to distribute 30 of his paintings to my closest friends and senior most colleagues and 30 more to a few selected business friends who might in turn want to promote his art. These 60 paintings will be commissioned specifically for each of them keeping their tastes in mind. The rest 40 which will be made to my personal choice of themes, I plan to keep in the boardrooms of my various offices of across India," Chaudhuri added.

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