The South Asian Times

22 October 2018 19:18 PM

Stop telecast of Nirmal Baba show, arrest him: Court

Bhopal : A magistrate court in Bina, Madhya Pradesh, directed the information and broadcasting ministry to stop telecast of the godman Nirmal Baba’s programme ‘Nirmal Darbar’ till further orders. The court also issued an arrest warrant against Nirmal Baba on Saturday.

If legal action is not taken against such persons, common people would be asking us – does law exist only for weak or the poor? It is duty of the court to take appropriate punitive action against the guilty in such matters, the judge said while hearing a private complaint by Surendra Viswakarma against Nirmal Baba’s show on TV.

The court also asked the Bina police to register a case of fraud against Nirmal Baba and issue an arrest warrant.

“If his powers are so effective, why doesn't he do something to eliminate corruption and inflation?” magistrate RK Devaliya observed. “Sitting in an AC room, this man is doing business in crores while people are hungry and are being fooled.”

According to the complainant, Nirmal Baba had claimed in a TV show that if people kept money in a black purse, they would be blessed. But when Viswakarma kept

Rs. 2,000 in a black purse, nothing favourable happened. This amounted to fraud, he argued.

Update: 03 June, 2012