The South Asian Times

17 January 2019 16:34 PM

Tiwari bows to HC order, gives blood samples

Dehradun : Powerful Congress-man ND Tiwari on Tuesday relented before the Delhi high court order and gave his blood samples to a court-appointed team for a DNA test to settle a paternity issue in which he is involved.

The court had ordered the test to establish the claim of a person by the name Rohit Shekhar, 32, whose position is that Tiwari, 86, is his biological father. Shekhar’s mother, Ujjawala Sharma, was married before her son was born. Her husband happens to be a Delhi-based businessman. At the time of Shekhar’s birth, Tiwari was a minister in the central government. He has been a friend of Ujjawala Sharma's family for long.

A team led by Delhi high court registrar AK Garg, along with Shekhar and Sharma, reached Tiwari’s residence at around 10am and took more than four hours to finish its job.

In his written statement to the media, Tiwari said: “I have nothing to say since the matter is in the purview of the Supreme Court and the Delhi high court. I am a Gandhian and will go by the orders of the Supreme Court.”

Sharma said: “We are happy that the court’s directive is being followed and hope that justice will prevail.”

The three blood samples will be sent to a Hyderabad-based lab for DNA analysis, to be done under the supervision of the representatives Tiwari and Sharma.

Update: 30 May, 2012