The South Asian Times

18 October 2018 19:23 PM

Army chief denies any divide in the force

New Delhi : Army chief General V.K. Singh Saturday denied suggestions that he was leaving behind a "divided" force but said there may be "some disgruntled people" in the 1.3 million strong army like any other organisation.

"I really do not know. When I go around, I talk to my people, my men, I do not find any faction. I do not find any divide," Singh told NDTV in an interview when asked whether he was leaving behind a factionalised army.

Singh, who is retiring May 31, said: "People use their imagination to invent certain things and then put it out there."

"Most of the army does not feel it this way. There may be some disgruntled people in the 1.3 million strong army. Like any other organisation, you will have some people who are disgruntled people, people who will retaliate... that's part of it," he added.

On the leak of the confidential letter he wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on glaring gaps in defence preparedness, Singh said he does not know who leaked it.

"I really do not know who leaked it. I am quite sure and my army is quite sure that it was not leaked by the army," he said.

"Now there can be all kinds of theories that we will scratch our heads on, somebody's got to find it. But let me assure you, each man in the army knows it (the letter) cannot leak out from the army," Singh said.

Update: 26 May, 2012