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20 October 2018 05:03 AM

Singur Land Failure A Disappointment: Didi

Kolkata : West Bengal Chief Minister on Saturday described her first year in office as a success story barring her failure to return land taken from unwilling farmers for the Tata Motors project.

"Our only disappointment is the inability to return the land to the unwilling farmers of Singur. As the matter is sub-judice, we cannot give back the land. This is the biggest pain and disappointment that I have," Banerjee said.

Banerjee, who inaugurated an eight-day ceremony to celebrate the government's one year in office, also announced a Rs.1,000 monthly payment to the 3,000 odd families of Singur from whom 400 acres of land was taken, allegedly forcibly, by the Left Front government for Tata Motors to set up a car plant.

"It has been six years since they lost their land. I can understand how difficult it is for them... I announce for them a monthly payment of Rs.1,000. They will also be entitled to two kg of rice at Rs.2 per kilo every week," said Banerjee.

The celebration, titled 'Pragati Utsav', has 60 stalls by different departments of the government and showcases the achievements of the government that took office May 20 last year.

"When we came to power, the state was on the brink of financial and political emergency. In spite of all the odds, we have achieved in one year what they (Left) could not do in 34 years.

"From industry to agriculture, from culture to education, we have made big strides in all spheres. We have shown what reforms are and how they should be initiated," added Banerjee.

Governor M.K. Narayanan along with Banerjee released a book highlighting the work done by the government in the past one year.

Congratulating the government, Narayanan described the enactment of the Singur Land Act, decline in Maoist violence and peace in Darjeeling Hills as the three most tangible achievements.



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