The South Asian Times

22 October 2018 01:50 AM

Cooking Show To Promote Cultural Integration

Edison, NJ: New Jersey based Community leaders, business owners and elected officials belonging to various ethnic groups recently took part in an innovative program to promote cultural integration among people of diverse heritage.

Initiated by Lili Green, a Chinese American business owner, who runs her Media Company, the event was organized at a local Asian Supermarket in Edison where prominent public officials including Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula and Edison Mayor Toni Ricigliano showed up to demonstrate their cooking expertise.

Presenting her Italian dish at the event, Mayor Ricigliano highlighted the importance of unity among diversity reflected by residents of Edison who arrived in USA from a number of Asian countries. Ricigliano’s demo was followed by a recipe of egg plant dish prepared on the spot by Assemblyman Chivukula, who emphasized the need for cultural integration among American people who made USA and New Jersey their adopted homeland.

The dishes were shared by the audience gathered to observe the show. Sam Khan, an ambitious business owner who owes allegiance to Republican Party demonstrated the preparation of Chicken Karahi. Khan cooked Chicken Karahi with a lot of spices that people enjoyed to watch.

“This event is an experiment to promote cultural integration among the people of Edison, especially those of Indian and Chinese ancestry”, said Greene, who also hosted the show. “With this experiment we aim to promote close relationship among the residents of Edison Township, especially people from South Asia, China and other countries.”

Mayor Ricigliano felt that this program was a great way to give a boost to local economy that is why it was organized at a super market which caters to people with roots in Asia.


Update: 15 May, 2012