The South Asian Times

16 January 2019 15:40 PM

Most Senior Citizens In Delhi NCR Have Bone Ailments: Study

New Delhi : As many as 85 percent of senior citizens in the national capital region (NCR) have bone and joint ailments, restricting their mobility, a study released here Thursday said demanding a national programme to deal with the issue.

The epidemiological study by the Arthritis Federation of India (AFI), conducted among 1,300 senior citizens living in residences on the second floor and above, revealed that 10 percent of the elderly in the age group of 60-65 and 17 percent of those above 66 were not able to walk down to the ground floor.

Just 56 percent of the people between 60-65 and 37 among the above 66 age group could manage to walk down to the ground floor thrice a day.

Further, almost 60 percent were not able to manage personal cleanliness while 84 percent are not fit enough to travel alone.

"However, the good news is that 81 percent of the senior citizens have consulted specialised orthopaedic doctors and physician specialists, which indicates a high level of awareness," said AFI chairman Sushil Sharma.

"We reiterate the demand for a national programme on bone and joint diseases as the economic burden is estimated to be about Rs.8,000-10,000 crore per year which makes it very difficult for a developing country like India," he added.

Sharma further said that the programme should be on the lines of the national programme for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes but should not be an appendage to any other programme.


Update: 11 May, 2012