The South Asian Times

17 January 2019 23:04 PM

Don't Starve To Be Slim: Sonam Kapoor

I feel like every girl and woman has battled her weight at some time in her life. It’s something that we have become obsessed with and are judged for more and more. What girls don’t understand is that the bikini bodies that they see in a movie, magazine or in a calendar, no matter how beautiful
to look at, are not real — and even if they are, they have been hard won with extreme dieting, exercise or acquired under the knife.

Yes it can be acquired, but at what cost. My personal battle with weight is something that I live with everyday. I’ve tried every diet, done every exercise and said every prayer. I remember one of my directors telling me that he hasn’t seen someone enjoy food as much as me. He didn’t understand that I deprived myself so much that anything that was on my cheat list, like the gajar ka halwa I was having at the time of that comment, was like a bite of heaven for me. But after that forbidden meal, I felt so guilty that I couldn’t eat properly for several meals.

Last year I fell extremely sick because of these very same unhealthy eating habits. It caused all sort of havoc in my system and someone who considered herself moderately an intelligent and sensible girl, causing grief to her loved ones because of her own stupidity and foolishness was a major reality check. I definitely needed to have a healthier and more positive attitude towards food and not treat it like the bad relationship you can’t help going back to time after time. I got myself an amazing nutritionist, the very talented and nurturing Puja Makhija, who prescribed a lot of good wholesome healthy food and copious amounts of water and exercise.

With the help of a few very loving and helpful people, I’m on my way to recovery from this addiction to unhealthy eating, it’s a battle I’m determined to win. Thank you mom, Radhika, Shehla and Puja because battles can’t be won alone and you guys are great comrades! I will have a bikini body, not by starving but by eating in a healthy, positive and a happy way.



Update: 06 May, 2012