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17 August 2019 07:03 AM

Shiv Chopra from Long Island wins ESPN Esports championship

By The SATimes Team

Hicksville, NY:  A team from Georgia Institute of Technology, including Indian American Shiv Chopra, has won the Hearthstone Collegiate Championship, in the first-ever ESPN Collegiate Esports Championship that concluded in Houston on Saturday.

Shiv and his teammates, Tyler Hiu and Sean Joplin, also claimed $9,000 each in scholarship money along with the trophy. They swept off Minnesota team 3-0 in the final match that was livstreamed on ESPN3,, and other  platforms.

Shiv Chopra told The South Asian Times that they brought to Houston  the decks only for the semifinal against Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), which too they won 3-0 (in a best of 5 games format). But those decks as the commentators also said were not good enough against Minnesota, making Georgia Tech the underdogs. But Shiv said, “We studied Minnesota’s all previous games and realized that our only chance was if we could anticipate what they will bring to play, and it worked, yet it felt like a miracle.”

Shiv has just passed his 3rd year computer engineering with high GPA at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, where he has been accepted to simultaneously start his masters program. He immigrated to America 11 years ago with his journalist father (who is now editor of this paper) and graduated from Hicksville High School on Long Island. He is currently doing his summer internship at Hughes, the world's leading provider of broadband satellite services, products, and network solutions headquartered in Germantown, MD.   

A gaming enthusiast since childhood, Shiv has regularly played Hearthstone (an online digital collectible card game) for the past four years.  

Some 400 college teams from the US and Canada participated in the Hearthstone championship qualifiers starting in March this year and  the semi-finals and championship match was on live LAN (local area network) in Houston, produced and staged by ESPN Events.

The ESPN Esports championship was held over the May 10-12 weekend at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston as part of the 3-day Comicpalooza, an annual multi-genre popular culture convention.

Esports are becoming increasingly popular with the younger population and now ESPN has lent it prestige even while parents may still scold their wards for wasting time playing video games.

Update: 16 May, 2019