The South Asian Times

20 January 2019 15:06 PM

Lost and found story on LIRR

June 6th. It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon and I was on my way back from Penn Station on the 2:52 LIRR train bound for Huntington. At around 3:40 I reached my destination, Hicksville. As I exited the station I realized I had left my bag on the train and rushed back, but it was too late. I went to the ticket counter but unfortunately the person there was not very helpful. I requested a call to Huntington Station asking if someone there could hold my bag for me, but to no avail. Left with no choice, I had to drive all the way to Huntington Station.

By the time I reached Huntington, the train had already left for Jamaica. However, the transport manager there, named Roxanne, was very helpful. She called the manager at Jamaica and asked him to hold the bag and after about 45 minutes she told me that my bag was retrieved at Jamaica station. She also put me in the next train to Jamaica and asked the conductor, Lorrain, to help. Lorrain did guide me to the office at Jamaica station, where I was able to collect my bag.

However, if the official at Hicksville station were willing to cooperate a bit more, I wouldn’t have to go all over Long Island to retrieve my bag. Just imagine how many passengers lose their belongings on a train and how much stress they have to endure to make sure get back their stuff. Fortunately, this stress can be curtailed if there are more officials like Roxanne and Lorrain willing to help. Hats off to these two women.

Mukesh Modi

Update: 14 June, 2018