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20 January 2019 14:49 PM

Tribute to my hero on Father's Day

When I was 7 years old, on my birthday---we had 2 cakes, I was very HAPPY. My father Arjan Tolani always told me happiness is the key to life and never chase happiness as it is the state of mind. Dad says “Son, Action is the antidote to despair, yes you will face many defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated and never ever get discouraged and I must have long range goals to keep from being frustrated by short range failures. Keep going, pick yourself up when you fall down and brush yourself off. Just blow off the unimportant and petty issues and people. "LET IT GO" instead of holding grudges.”

DAD--MY HERO has influenced me in positive ways, teaching importance of hard work, discipline, Responsibility, Independence, Gratitude, believing in self and sense of humor, treating people with love, respect and that "If I live the Golden Rule everything else in life will usually work itself out, but if  I don't, life probably will be very unhappy, without meaning. Dad taught me to live a life of permanent purpose with hope and direction. “Live the dream” as he says.

Dad follows a key principle in life: never settle for second-best and says always make a difference and improve people's lives demonstrating the values we should all aspire to. He hopes I will continue with our grandfather's legacy, both men of great character, passion and giving from their hearts with sincerity of their teachings that people are not what they do, not what they have and not judge despite differences in ethnicity, culture, religion, and geography, or what others say or gossip. People are beloved of God. Our grandfather's legacy of hope and help to all people of all faiths will last for the coming generations with their mantra “be bold-dream it and do it.” Dada used to say It’s not just about looking your best, it’s about becoming your best.” They lived honestly and simply valued affection and comradeship. I remind myself every day that I am their creation when I look in the mirror. Tarachand Israni and Ramkishindas Tolani, if alive today would be 115 and 109 years respectively,

From a young age my father taught me a lot about toughness, perseverance, quality of life, respect and especially love as a way of life and a spiritual pursuit. When I was at my worst in 2006 down to nothing, Dad said Son "you are at your very best when life is at its worst" and that you are a lucky man to experience this financial turmoil at such a young age. Dad’s moral support is my pillar of strength. Today I teach the same to my sons. My Father has inspired me to excellence to be a man who spreads kindness, love and motivates leading thousands of employees in the Americas and who does not hold back but gives it all. Prince would not be the company that it is today without his spirit, drive, energy and vision. It's Wonderful feeling to see him beaming with Pride as he sees me to be honest and honorable steward of the company. I have inherited his skills of a trailblazer, risk taker and boldness whose ambitions has known no geographic or aspirational bounds. Our Hotels are cultivating admiration and respect being good stewards of society engaging our teams following the culture of values: dedication, integrity, respect, excellence, community, teamwork and spirit.

I have pledged to my Dad to put our Blessings into social causes sharing it away in our lifetime. Dad says, "Blessings need a purpose greater and that my philanthropic foundation must measure achievements by not what I build for myself, but what I leave behind.”  Putting profit before principle is always bad business. His blessings give me the freedom and independence to build a legacy. I see it in our firm’s simple mission statement: “serving others.” and paying it back to him through reinvestment in his ideals. 

Dad has gifted me an estate of incalculable value.  He Says “LIVE LIFE KINGSIZE” with a heart, courage and determination of a lion and never be afraid to stand up for the truth and justice. He taught me that it not only takes a lot of grit to be a leader, but you have to be a resilient person of integrity. Saying “always let your conscience be your guide.’ I can never thank him for the good things in our life.

Dads are friends, counselors, role models. They're strong and brave and selfless, and they love us no matter what. Every Dad is one-of-a-kind. Nothing Compares to the Bond of a Child and Their Dad.

Thank your father, Grandfather and father figure who led by example installing irreplaceable and invaluable things. Showing you have to love, good morals, positive thinking, leadership skills, ability to share God’s blessings, prioritizing things and teaching you to be yourself and unique, creating a happy and meaningful life.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to you all. Wish your Dearest DAD, all my best.

Sunny (Sunil) Tolani

Update: 14 June, 2018