The South Asian Times

22 October 2018 01:49 AM

Yoga for men: US develops Broga

Washington : Yoga was not for them. It seemed too light. The music tended to be too soft. And the exercise hall seemed so full of women. Where were the men? Where were bros?

On a visit to California four years ago, Rob Sidoti, who has been doing yoga for 12 years, was asked by a friend: What about bros? How about Broga-yoga for bros? "Why not, I said to myself," said Sidoti. They started with a small facility in Massachusetts. Sidoti was the Broga instructor and co-founder Adam O'Neill took care of marketing.

"We have kept all the basic principles of yoga," said Siboti in a interview to Hindustan Times along with O'Neill. "But the exercises are more about building strength."

They have woven in some push-ups and squats, for instance to make the whole routine appeal to men.

Instead of the usual Yoga transcendental music, they play Moby, Radiohead, Bob Dylan and some blues.

O'Neill did the maths. Yoga, he said, was a $8 billion industry in the US, with 70-80% of the practitioners being women. There clearly was a market for Broga. Starting with a class of three or four, they are now running three times as many classes, each with 20-25 people.

Update: 05 April, 2012