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24 October 2018 01:15 AM

Paint the town red, yellow and blue

By Jinal Shah

It is that time of the year when memories of childhood, of a riot of colors, of friends, of family, of expressing yourself, of unabashed merriment and unadulterated joy, are relived. It is that time of the year when you go out and paint the town red, blue and yellow. It is Holi time!

And if you are still undecided on where to go and unleash the child in you, SA Times has a long list of events happening across New York and New Jersey.

Holi may be an Indian festival but it is no more alien to New Yorkers. Many Americans have even started to believe that Holi marks the dawn of the spring season.

Various temples across the tristate area are hosting Holi celebrations with special puja and even parade. On March 10, ISKCON will host a grand celebration of Holi and Gaura Purnima at the Edison Hotel at the Raritan Center in Edison. It will include ecstatic devotional chanting with classical musical instruments and an exhibition on Lord Chaitanya.

The festival will be celebrated over a month in various pockets of New York and New Jersey with food, music, cultural shows and of coarse colors. There are various paid and free events every weekend through March. The rates for the paid events range from $ 15 to $ 80.

Along with Holi celebration, Vedic Heritage/Hanuman temple in Hemsptead, NY has organized a children's competition on March 10 to encourage young Indian Americans to participate in Indian culture. Classical dancer Rimli Roy and Surati have organized a day long cultural and color playing event at 1 McWilliams Place in Jersey City. For those who have a hectic schedule through the day and even during weekends, Dorrian's Red Hand in Newport is where you should be. The event organized by Indians at Newport group and Page 3 parties is held on March 9 from evening 9 till wee hours of next day. "A lot of young professionals also work on weekends and miss out on the opportunity; hence we organized it on Friday night. The bar has also allowed us to play with colors," said Sidharth Kumar, one of the organizers.

New Brunswick's Guru Palace is also hosting a day long Holi party with food, thandai (special Holi drink), and music. And if you cannot make it to any of these, there is one more event on March 25 in New York City, organized by NYC Bhangra and it is free of charge.

Finally for those who don't like celebrating Holi with colors, and still would like to enjoy the festival, Le Poisson Rouge is the place to be on March 10. Brooklyn, based nine-piece dhol and brass band 'Red Baraat' is hosting the 'First Annual Festival of Colors' show minus the colors but same amount of fervor.

Update: 12 March, 2012