The South Asian Times

17 January 2019 23:28 PM

Rain dance, DJ music mark Holi festivities in urban India

by Hiral Dholakia-Dave

Bangalore: Rain dance clubbed with some foot-tapping DJ music, company of friends and family, after being soaked in variety of holi colors, clay, paints and what not-is a trend that has caught the fancy of young India over last few years.

Whether you are in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore or Ahmedabad-the Holi revelry doesn't stop at painting people in varied hues.

In fact people don't mind shelling out bucks for attending commercially organized Holi parties with all its fanfare.

Vibha Desai, a BPO employee in Ahmedabad says, "We play with our neighbors in the morning and then head out to the rain dance party by noon. It's great fun and we look forward to it each year."

The organizers too swear by the success of such events. "It simply adds to the Holi festivities. We have been having sold out events since last two years. Mostly it is the college crowd that laps it up," says an organizer from Bangalore.

"Spraying colored water on eachother is an essential ritual of playing Holi. Music and raindance adds to the fun," says Ajay Singh from Mumbai.

Water shortage does compel some of the municipalities to warn the residents and asks them to refrain from using water. "They don't allow us to use water in our residence complexes but these commercialized events manage to get the permissions," says Radhika Kumarswamy, 21 from Mumbai.

Update: 11 March, 2012