The South Asian Times

17 June 2018 18:13 PM

Holi colors cheer India

New Delhi: Clothes were dyed with hues of colors and a spirit of jollity reigned supreme as people across the country played Holi last weekend.

Revelers thronged thoroughfares smearing faces with colored powder and children hurled water-filled balloons from rooftops to celebrate the festival of colors, which heralds the advent of spring.

People hugged each other wishing "Happy Holi" as streets were filled with groups singing and dancing to the accompaniment of drums.

Musical soirees were held at many places to mark the festival. Colorful rangoli patterns were drawn at the entrance of houses as special delicacies, varying from region to region, were cooked to celebrate the occasion.

In Mathura and Vrindavan, popular for their extravagant Holi celebrations extending nearly a week, people regaled with traditional practice including the 'lathmar holi' as the cities soaked in variegated hues.

Hundreds of widows from Vrindavan also celebrated Holi.

In Delhi and parts of north India, it was mostly a dry Holi, with gulal powder in, and water balloons and pichkaris largely avoided, as cold weather persisted.

Update: 20 March, 2017