The South Asian Times

13 November 2019 00:55 AM

Karsh Kale, Salim Merchant, DJ Rekha define Music Beyond Boundaries

New York: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and Molecule Communications along with Pria Haider organized a panel discussion last week on music beyond boundaries featuring composers Karsh Kale, Salim Merchant and DJ Rekha. 

The panelists described how Indian music has gone global and their contribution to the music world. Each speaker narrated how they were inspired by music and the richness and mosaic of Indian music that has crossed seven seas now. The panelists also attempted to answer the question why Indian music is very much Bollywood-driven and is there music beyond cinema?

Emmy Award-nominated Salim Merchant, one of Bollywood’s hottest music composers, said one should not attempt to swim in the vast ocean of music but get drowned to feel the rhythm of it inside out. “You can’t play safe if you want to succeed or merely survive,” he said. “There should be a fire of knowledge about music that should keep burning.” He narrated how Indian music has been adapted in various countries and blend perfectly with global music in different forms.

Karsh Kale, described by Billboard Magazine as a visionary composer and producer, said one should follow the heart if he or she wants good music.  

DJ Rekha of Basement Bangra fame narrated how she saw music through her DJ angle and how she adapted different forms of Indian music in her career. Indian music has engulfed the world, she added.

Update: 06 July, 2013