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10 December 2018 17:22 PM

Taslima Nasrin's autobiography to be released

Kolkata : The seventh part of controversial author Taslima Nasrin's autobiography Nirbasan is set to be released at the Kolkata Book Fair tomorrow, nearly five years after she was bundled out from her 'adopted city' by the authorities following protests.

The latest instalment in the series of her memoirs, 'Nirbasan' (Exile) gives an account of the Bangladeshi author's plight following her expulsion from the city in 2007.

Written in Bengali, the new book traces the circumstances which forced her to leave Kolkata which she often describes as her "adopted home" and the resultant mental trauma and insecurity of not having a sanctuary anywhere in the world.

Exiled from Bangladesh in 1994 for allegedly hurting religious sentiments with her novel 'Lajja' (Shame), the 49-year-old doctor-turned-author took refuge in Kolkata in 2004, after a long stay in Europe.

As the protests snowballed into near riot-like situation in Kolkata in November 2007, the government took her away to an undisclosed location in New Delhi.

Nasrin moved to Sweden in 2008 as the West Bengal government refused to accommodate her, citing law and order problems.

Islamic fundamentalists issued three fatwas in Bangladesh against her while four were issued against her in India.

The All India Minority Forum has also demanded that the author's Indian visa be revoked and she be forced to leave the country for hurting Muslim sentiments.

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